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What Our Friends Say

Mrs. Gwen

After sharing that our family had unfortunately recently had Covid, and I was struggling a bit in my recovery, Liz quickly reached out to me to see if she could help. Before her business even officially launched she went out of her way to make and ship us a bottle of syrup. When the box arrived it was packaged beautifully (all the sparkles and pink) and tasted so fresh! I don’t think it’s coincidental that since adding the syrup into our daily routine I’ve been feeling increasingly better! My girls LOVE taking their syrup and you better believe, if I forget a dose, they’re asking for it! Lydia’s elderberry syrup is unlike any other I’ve ever tried! It’s absolutely delicious but it also feels like a tiny little army of immunity boosting soldiers have showed up to party! 

Mrs. Olivia

Lydia's Elderberry is our favorite! I've tried recipes and bought many kinds over the years and this one is balanced and tasty and has boosted our immunity all through the pandemic. Service is always quick and always fresh. Couldn't recommend it more!!

Mrs. Gwen

I have been giving my family Lydia’s Elderberry Syrup for over a year now. I got hooked from the first day I tried it. Despite the absolutely magical effects elderberries have on your immune system, this syrup tastes AMAZING. Taking it is a treat for every member of my family. From my beautiful [late] grandma,  my Dad who not even take one vitamin . . . to my very picky daughters, this Elderberry Syrup is a MUST in all of our daily routines.  For a year we have not gotten sick . . .  I’m not just talking about colds, flus and viruses, our allergies have calmed down so much too. My girls started attending school again, mid pandemic; We continued Lydia’s Elderberry syrup and we still have not gotten sick to this day.  You must add Lydia’s Elderberry syrup to your daily regime. 


I cannot talk about Lydia’s Syrup without talking about Lydia . . . the times I saw her she was an absolute delight . . . . I will never forget the times I was able to speak to her nor the impact she and the whole Orcutt family has had on our family. 

Mrs. Victoria

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