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Meet Lydia

Have you ever encountered a  girl with glitter in her veins? A girl who could convince you that unicorns really do exist because her enthusiasm and excitement were so contagious? how about a girl who could rap & pop-n-lock in perfect beat to MC Hammer? or Best yet... how about a little girl who loved Jesus & took to heart his teachings to the point that she made her mama buy the goods and assemble snack packs for the homeless people she saw daily on the streets of El Paso?

oh No, you say?

Well today is your lucky day . . . meet Lydia!

Lydia's Story

Lydia was diagnosed with brain cancer in October 2019 at the age of 6. at the time  of her diagnosis, we weren't certain whether or not she would become immunocompromised. with her daddy being an emergency nurse, we figured we'd error on the side of caution and try all the things to  keep her healthy.


Enter elderberry syrup.


Lydia's auntie and her family were in town visiting and she brought with her some dried elderberries (secretly thinking we needed to jump on the elderberry bandwagon). Together, we made our first batch and the rest, as they say, was history! We loved it. with two weeks of regular use, we were shocked with its immunity boosting effects . . . and after we made it through the whole winter, sans  illness, we knew we were onto something major.


right as spring was in sight, covid hit. and along with it, fear and paranoia. we doubled down on elderberry and added loads more of supplements into our regimen. and we stayed healthy!! It was at the encouragement of a sweet friend that we made the call to grow our elderberry venture into a legit side-hustle and Lydia's Elderberry syrup was born!


we initially  offered up the syrup to our neighbors and were overwhelmed at the  response. we stocked up on elderberries and got to work . . . Lydia by my side the entire time. word got out and friends of friends starting submitting  orders. We were so thrilled to be able to pass-on the elderberry goodness in the midst of such an uncertain time.   

We have a family motto: love God & love other people . . . And Lydia showed us how it was done. now it's our turn. Elderberry has blessed our family immensely, when we needed it most. And it is our joy to spread the love and share this magical goodness with you and your family.


Stay healthy, my friends!

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